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TriDomino version 2.0 is out!!!
What's New in this Version?

  1. Added Apple Game Center support
  2. Implemented players ranking using ELO rating system
  3. Added possibility to choose an opponent
  4. Added possibility to personalize player: edit name and choose his avatar
  5. Added possibility to quickly zoom-in and zoom-out by double tapping the game deck
  6. Added possibility to pause / resume game
  7. Numerous bug-fixes


The aim of the game is to win over your opponent (computer player) by collecting a higher score.


  • Single round game: the game consists of one round. Score over your opponent and win the game.
  • Five wins game: to win the game you have to win five rounds over your opponent (5:0, 5:1, etc.). Each won round gives you 1 win, each lost round gives 1 win to your opponent. If it's a draw no wins are assigned to any players.
  • 1000 points game: the number of rounds is not limited. Score 1000 points before your opponent does to win the game.


  • There will be six tiles having three of the same numbers displayed on the table before each round of the game starts.
  • Shake the iPod/IPhone to shuffle the tiles and choose one by tapping on it.
  • Your opponent will go ahead and pick one tile as soon as you selected yours.
  • The higher tile wins the right to go first.


  • Each player is given 9 random TriDomino tiles to start with (one of them will be the one picked at the turns decision).
  • Find your tiles in the OWNED TILES TRAY. The game starts by placing a tile that has an equal number of points in each corner.
  • If you opponent goes first – find the tile that matches the points of any two corners of CPU's tile.
  • Each tile may have few available positions or none. All available positions will be highlighted on the GAME TABLE.
  • Get rid of higher tiles first to gain more points. Try to gain bonuses by choosing optimal position for your tile.
  • There's a possibility to choose from several opponents having different player rank, hence the game can be just easy going... or stronger opponent can give you a hard time trying to win against him
  • Implemented ELO player ranking system and integration with Apple Game center: play, win, unlock achievements and check what's your status on the global leaderboard


  • If you can't make a match, check the SPARE button for extra tiles.
  • You are allowed to take 3 tiles max per go. If you still cannot find any matching tile to put on the game table – SKIP your turn.
  • If all players have skipped and spare tiles pile is empty, the round is stopped and the player with the highest score wins the round.


  • Each go gives you as many points as your tile shows, e.g. 3 + 5 + 1 = 9 points.
  • The highest tile is 5 + 5 + 5 = 15, the smallest 0 + 0 + 0 = 0 points.
  • There are 56 unique tiles in the game.


Pay attention how many edges of the tile are attached to other tiles while matching a new one : 
  • One edge only gives you the points shown on the tile;
  • Two edges give youan extra BONUS of 25 points;
  • Three edges give you an extra BONUS of 50 points.





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